Hot Fudge Sundae

Events & Celebrations

Publishing Solutions Group President & CEO Lori Becker is known for her “work hard, play hard” philosophy and the PSG staff gets to play hard a few times a year at various team celebrations. A PSG team member, whose most important role is to keep the party a secret, organizes each one of our events. The PSG events are top secret to everyone else, and are held in various locations and always come with a few twists. 

Here are the highlights from a few of our favorite events:

  • Winterfest 2015—PSG staff members met for dinner at Seasons 52 in Burlington, MA. The holiday décor and delicious seasonal dishes made an ideal setting for PSG to celebrate the end of another great year.
  • Summerfest 2015—Traveling via party bus, staff members headed into Boston, where we had a picnic in Christopher Columbus Park with delicious sandwiches and goodies from Bittersweet Bakery. Then the whole team hopped aboard a Duck Tour for a historical tour of Boston by land and by sea (or, specifically, the Charles River). We concluded the beautiful summer’s day with ice cream at J. P. Licks, Boston’s famous homemade ice-cream shop.
  • Winterfest 2014—This year for our winterfest, the PSG team visited re-visited a favorite of ours; Masa Southwest Bar & Grill located in Woburn, MA.
  • Summerfest 2014—This summer, Lori surprised the staff with a party bus trip to Kimball Farm in Westford, MA. The party bus was filled with gift bags of snacks and the music we played from our own devices. The team enjoyed some (unexpectedly competitive) mini golf, bumper boats, batting cages, and other activities. It was a hot, sunny day, and we topped off the afternoon with some delicious ice cream.
  • Winterfest 2013—This year for our winterfest, the PSG team visited Masa Southwest Bar & Grill. We had a flavorful dinner complete with Mexican vanilla flan and chocolate truffle tamales for dessert.
  • Winterfest 2012—This year for our winterfest, the PSG team decided to try Papa Razzi Trattoria & Bar, a local restaurant chain known for its authentic Italian dining. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal made from scratch and with fresh ingredients. PSG celebrated the season with good food and conversation, ending the year off right!
  • Summerfest 2012—PSG CEO Lori Becker welcomed the staff to her own backyard for a day of fun in the sun. The whole team participated in Hula-hoop dance lessons—some of us were naturals, some not, but we all received a fun workout! Afterwards, we cooled our feet in the pool then feasted on lunch catered by Bittersweet and a delicious ice cream sundae buffet. A competitive round of trivia followed, and the winning team got to choose their prizes from an assortment of goodies. We all went home with full stomachs and a newly established appreciation for hula-hooping!
  • Winterfest 2011—The PSG staff returned to one of its favorite restaurants in Woburn, Joe’s American Bar and Grill. As always, the food did not disappoint, and neither did the staff! Another night of great eats and good company was the perfect way to celebrate the season.
  • Summerfest 2011—This year’s summerfest was a scavenger hunt, where three teams competed to be the first to reach a designated endpoint. PSG staff members were sent to Starbucks, for much-loved coffee; a local bakery, for delicious cupcakes; batting cages, where no one struck out; and the bowling alley, where the winning team made it with little time to spare. The day ended with a delicious dinner at Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, where we feasted on delicious traditional Mexican food.
  • Winterfest 2010—For our first celebration in our new office in Woburn, Massachusetts, PSG staffers went for dinner at Joe’s American Bar and Grill. The new setting fit the winterfest atmosphere perfectly for a night of great food, laughs and festivity. Though several other parties in the restaurant were having holiday celebrations, PSG’s clearly was the most fun!
  • Winterfest 2009—PSG staffers went to dinner in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood at a new restaurant called Stix Restaurant and Lounge. Their shtick (pun, as always, intended) is that they serve a variety of meats on oil-infused skewers, which help flavor the food from the inside. A favorite of the PSG staff was the Kobe beef. After the appetizers, we all enjoyed a delicious meal and, of course, dessert. Full of food and fun, we all enjoyed a great night in the city.
  • Summerfest 2008—PSG staffers were brought back to a time of Smurfs, slap bracelets and synthesizers as we hopped aboard an ‘80s party bus. We answered ‘80s trivia and listened to Wham! while we headed to Golf Country to play mini golf, hit a bucket of balls at the driving range and practice hitting in the batting cages. We finished the day at Richardson’s Ice Cream, an ice cream stand with its own dairy farm that’s been around for over 300 years!
  • Springfest 2008—PSG staffers’ creative juices were flowing as we made plans for our first spring decorating contest. The staff was divided into three groups, and each chose an area of the office to decorate with a spring theme. The art & design and production teams prepared an elegant spring picnic, while the project managers made spring break come alive with Barbies at the bar and on the beach. The editorial team won the contest with their creative play on the word “spring,” including a display that contained everything from Red Sox spring training to spring rolls to Irish Spring soap. They even had a “Name that Spring” quiz where the contestants answered questions about Jerry Springer, spring-inspired musical selections and springer spaniels.
  • Winterfest 2007—The PSG team bundled up and headed to the North End, known for its intimate and authentic Italian restaurants. We had dinner at Taranta Restaurant, where they prepared a special menu just for us. The combination of Southern Italian and Peruvian cuisine was unique and delicious.
  • Summerfest 2007—The staff of PSG split into three groups and competed in a fun, team-building scavenger hunt. From Boston Common to the North End, we explored our city while searching for answers to questions about Paul Revere, Colonial-era cuisine and the Boston Massacre. The competition was fierce to the bitter end with the tie-breaking question about the height of the wave of molasses in Boston’s infamous Great Molasses Flood.
  • Winterfest 2006—The staff of PSG went to one of Boston’s best fondue and wine restaurants, The Wine Cellar. We enjoyed a customized menu, played wine trivia with the proprietor and even won several bottles of wine! The decadent fondue combined with aromatic wines created the perfect meal for a chilly New England evening.
  • Summerfest 2006—The PSG team had the chance to explore Boston by land and by sea this summer. We went on an original and world-famous Boston Duck Tours Duck! We saw the sights of the city on a World War II–style amphibious landing vehicle. Our conDUCKtor was great, telling us all the little-known facts about places we passed every day. We traveled around to the State House, TD Garden, Government Center and Newbury Street before plunging into the Charles River, where we had a stunning view of the Boston and Cambridge skylines.

First Fridays—On the first Friday of each month, President and CEO Lori Becker shows appreciation for her hardworking staff by arranging First Friday. Not only does she buy lunch, but usually First Friday has a theme, which includes decorations, desserts and games. Some of our favorite themes have been cowboys, spring, a Hawaiian luau and Halloween, which included a hopscotch grid made of bubble wrap in the entryway of the office. (Needless to say, our hopscotch course remained for weeks after First Friday had passed!)