When I first started my internship at PSG, I was thrilled to find out that I would be interning on the same days that the office does yoga.

Since Lori, our president and CEO, also owns CrossFit Exclamation—her gym that’s conveniently attached to PSG’s offices—we’re lucky enough to have hour-long yoga sessions twice a week. Julie, our fantastic yoga instructor, always provides a class that is equally challenging and relaxing. We’ll work on stretching in our downward dogs, balancing in our tree poses and meditating in our savasana—the final relaxation pose of the practice.

Taking a break from work to do yoga doesn’t just feel good—it’s been scientifically proven to better your workday. A yoga session can stimulate brain function to increase productivity and focus. It’s also been shown to reduce anxiety levels and better your mood, helping you to return to work feeling refreshed and more motivated to get things done.

I can definitely testify to the benefits of office yoga. Getting a break from sitting at your desk to breathe deeply, stretch and exercise does more good for a workday than you might expect!