For our summer outing this year, Lori surprised the PSG team with something new—an escape room! With our matching “PSG Summer Escape 2018” shirts on and our limo (!!) ready to hit the road, we headed into the heart of the city to Trapology Boston.

The staff split into two teams to solve riddles in two different rooms. One team had to escape a haunted submarine in the “Crush Depth” room, while the other needed to escape jail in the “Drunk Tank” room. To each team’s dismay, we were unsuccessful in our escape, but we learned how to work together in some very interesting scenarios, and our main goal was accomplished—we had a lot of fun!

After our escape escapades, we grabbed dinner at The Smoke Shop, a BBQ restaurant in Boston’s Seaport district. We started our meals off with tasty appetizers like fried green tomatoes and mac-and-cheese bites before dining on pork belly burnt ends, chicken wings, pulled pork, chicken and so many delicious sides.

To top off our trip, we popped into J. P. Licks, a local homemade ice cream chain known for their tasty treats. Full on ice cream and good times, we called it a night. This summer outing was definitely one for the books—and blog!