Now that another New England winter is finally behind me, I’ve been desperate to find more time to indulge in the sun.

Sometimes it’s tough to actually enjoy summer weather with work, errands and other obligations keeping us indoors. That’s why I’ve crafted a list that—despite any busy schedule—will give you at least a few opportunities to squeeze in some quality time with the summer weather.

Something I recommend is bringing a book out to a sunny spot after a day at work. Since days are longer, there’s still some sun left after a nine-to-five workday to read a novel, a magazine or even a few good Tweets in the fresh air. Another opportunity is presented at cafés and restaurants that offer outdoor seating—food always tastes better when paired with good weather!

You could also try taking your binge-watching habit to your backyard (if your Wi-Fi permits it). Or, a day inside the mall could be swapped for an outdoor shopping plaza or farmer’s market. Those few minutes outside between shops make a difference!

And, of course, make sure to a take a trip to the beach or plan a hike whenever nature and your schedule both permit it!