Ever since I moved to Cambridge, I’ve been astonished by the amount of fun things available around me. One of the many things to do is to visit the Harvard Museums, but these museums are so varied that deciding which to visit can be overwhelming. Here are a few of my favorite options.

  • The Fogg Art Museum has art ranging from the sixth millennium BCE to the 2010s, but I’m partial to the impressionists. My favorite painting in the museum is probably John Singer Sargent’s The Breakfast Table.
  • The Glass Flowers exhibit at the Harvard Museum of Natural History contains over 4,000 painstakingly created glass models of flowers and plants, made by a father and son team of Czech glass artists.
  • The Arnold Arboretum, although not technically a museum, does belong to the Harvard Museums system. The Arboretum contains around 4,000 different kinds of trees, shrubs and vines, all labeled for easy identification. Visit in the spring for a rainbow of blooming flowers, or in the fall for beautiful changing leaves.

Make sure to check out these exhibits next time you’re in Boston!

Image: Bostonian13