As a college student, I’ve been programmed to type in Times New Roman—the font most often required for school assignments. But as the Font Sunday movement shows, I’ve been missing out on a whole wide world of fonts.

Font Sunday is a weekly font-spotting Twitter project spearheaded by the Design Museum in London. Every Saturday, the Design Museum tweets out a font theme. Followers then have a day to spot fonts around them that match the theme. The fonts may come from dusty book covers, be found online or be seen in a storefront. On Sunday from noon to 6 p.m., users around the world share pictures of their font finds with the hashtag #FontSunday.

Past Font Sunday themes include futuristic, psychedelic, neon, propaganda and jazz fonts. The popularity of Font Sunday has contributed to the Design Museum’s online following—with 4.2 million Twitter followers, the Design Museum is the second most followed museum in the world, second only to MOMA.

For those who may not give fonts a second thought, Font Sunday is giving a face to typefaces used all over the world. As for me, I’ll be taking a break from Times New Roman to spot some Font Sunday typefaces of my own!