I recently went to Storm King Art Center an open-air museum in New York that boasts 500 acres and contains one of the most impressive sculpture collections in the country. Located in the Hudson Valley, this museum aims to bring modern sculpture art to the people of New York while preserving the natural landscape. Some standout pieces during my visit included a sailboat with a pop art mermaid design by Roy Lichtenstein and Storm King Wavefield, a series of grass mounds made to look like ocean waves, organized by Maya Lin.

After visiting Storm King, I soon found out there are similar open-air museums all across the country, like Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle. This 2,200-foot zigzagged path by the water was originally a fuel-storage and transport facility that caused devastating contamination to the soil and groundwater. Now it’s not only a museum, but also a habitat restoration project for the Seattle waterfront.

The Laumeier Sculpture Park in Saint Louis is one of the most visited sculpture parks in the United States. It is a 105-acre park with 60 works of outdoor sculpture art, including their most famous sculpture by Alexander Liberman, The Way. Liberman’s sculpture is made of 18 red steel oil drums and was inspired by Greek temples and Gothic cathedrals.

Looking for something to do while the weather is still nice? Try to find a sculpture park near you and experience art in the great outdoors!