It’s often rainy in London, so when traveling to the iconic city it’s a good idea to have an indoor backup plan just in case the weather suddenly gets testy. When I was in London in 2015, I managed to have an afternoon that was pretty much perfect, despite all-day rain. Take a peek at these suggestions for wet weather adventures in jolly ol’ London.

If the day starts off dry, head over to Soho Square. It’s not as big or as well-known as London parks like Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, but it has its own particular charm that comes from being nestled in among narrow streets and brick buildings.

If it starts raining while you’re there, make your way to Maison Bertaux, a tea shop and French patisserie that also has a gallery space right upstairs. Be sure to treat yourself to a cup of tea and a slice of cake before you leave!

Then head over to the nearby British Museum. It’s the first national public museum in the world, and ever since it opened in 1753 it’s been free to all “studious and curious persons.” Filled with art and artifacts from all over the world, the British Museum is the perfect place to hide from the rain.