At the start of this summer, my first time alone in Boston, I felt some mild trepidation about having to ride the subway system fondly known as “the T.” Coming from rural Vermont, it was a completely foreign concept to me. But now Boston offers an even more eye-opening way of getting around.

 “The Z,” a newly opened zip line in the heart of Boston, spans over 220 feet and carries one to two riders. Perched atop a 30-foot tower, it gives riders a unique view of downtown Boston, the waterfront and the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and for $8 a ride, you can have access to this unique viewing spot!

Functioning as the centerpiece of a temporarily revitalized parcel of undeveloped land, the zip line is an initiative by the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, a non-profit that looks for temporary ways to bring engaging experiences. The installation is scheduled to run through the middle of September, so come and enjoy it while you still can!

Image credit: NewtonCourt