If you’re a writer, you might have always thought that your mind works in a unique way. Well, science may have proved that to be true.

In 2014, German scientist Martin Lotze and his team of researchers studied the brain activity of writers and non-writers as they wrote to compare their brain functions. With the help of fMRI scanners to see which parts of the brain were being used, some differences were found.

According to the brain scan, the novices were writing stories as though they were seeing a movie going on in their heads and writing it down. The writers, on the other hand, were using their learned writing skills to create a story, using a part of the brain that harbors talents that improve with practice—like writing, or playing guitar.

Dr. Lotze has also done studies on the brain functions of athletes and musicians, and he was stunned to discover that writers’ brains functioned so similarly.

Don’t take your writer’s brain for granted—it’s a unique gift!