Which is better: pens or pencils? It’s a controversy that has been plaguing academia for centuries. Math teachers often tout pencils as superior due to the paramountcy of the eraser. But does the ability to erase mistakes always translate to preference?

Well, here at PSG, that doesn’t seem to be the case:

  • Melina prefers writing with a Sharpie ink pen because of the smooth motions it allows across the paper. To her, that outweighs the inherent neatness of the pencil.
  • Tess is also partial to pens, though her preference didn’t solidify until college. The four-colored pens are her favorite, as they allow for easy color-coding!
  • Nora often does creative writing in cursive, which is the perfect style for her preference: pens. Contrastingly, she likes using pencils when taking notes, especially when she anticipates erasing a lot.
  • Trina sides with the math teachers of the world on this: pencils are her choice, largely for the ease of correcting mistakes.
  • I almost exclusively use pens (the Pilot G2 is my favorite) because they glide across the page, which allows me to write faster (albeit messier).

It seems PSG by and large prefers pens, though the merits of a good eraser aren’t lost on the staff!