by Alex Belloli, Spring 2018 Intern

To me, it seems like most people have been to several concerts before they hit 21. I’m a little different. I went to my first concert when I was 24. I always wanted to go, but the opportunity had never come about. That all changed in 2016. I was determined to go to a concert, and my favorite band—Halestorm—was performing at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut.

I had never seen so many people in the same place. As I wove through the clamoring crowds to my seat, I was left speechless by the grandiosity of it all. I waited in anticipation for Halestorm to take the stage. Seeing and hearing my favorite band performing 100 feet from me completely blew me away. The power of the instruments combined with the vivacity of the crowd charged the experience. In those moments, I finally learned why people love going to shows: there’s an entirely different connection that forms between you and the band. It becomes personal. It ignites musical passion and the determination to entertain.

Everybody remembers their first concert, and now I understand why.