Want to start a new book but can’t find the inspiration to actually sit down and read it? Would it help if you knew there was scientific evidence that said reading is beneficial to your health and wellbeing?

Reading is an excellent brain workout. It has been proven to not only increase intelligence, but can also prevent neurological disease and slow mental decline in the elderly. It’s also been shown to help you relax by naturally reducing stress levels and inducing sleep.

Reading can also be effective in helping with depression. Studies show that reading aloud creates a positive environment, and reading self-help books can be doubly beneficial depending on the topic.

It has a positive impact on children as well, because reading frequently can improve their neurological development. Doing so helps them grasp abstract concepts, apply logic and use good judgment. It also expands their vocabulary in ways that TV does not.

Another study showed that frequent reading could sometimes increase life expectancy.

So go ahead and start binge-reading; it’s good for you!