Knowing that writing poems for the rest of her life might not pay the bills, Rachel Hill comes to Publishing Solutions Group with the hopes of gaining real-world job experience. She is excited for the opportunity to have experience in the editorial world. Thankfully, her love of editing has not only helped her many friends at Emerson, but it will also be a wonderful asset to our team!

Describing herself as brightly colorful and passionate, Rachel is a perfect fit with PSG. Along with her writing talent, Rachel also has experience as a camp counselor doing arts and crafts, though her specialty is with painting all things horse related; e.g., horseshoes and plastic horse figurines. When she is not writing poetry, she enjoys taking long walks in the woods and watching videos of puppies.

While studying Writing, Literature & Publishing at Emerson, Rachel found the time to be published in the college’s literary magazine Gangsters in Concrete. Her poem features a story about an old uncle she has no memory of meeting who also happens to not actually be her uncle. When she is not writing, Rachel enjoys the poetry of Sylvia Plath and Charles Bukowski; she also enjoys the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, specifically The Lord of the Rings and his many essays, and Tim O’Brien. Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse, is a book that she could not live without as well as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince and Al Jazeera’s work.

Through her work here at PSG, Rachel hopes to gain knowledge of the inner workings of the publishing industry. Before she graduates, she hopes to complete at least two publishing internships to give her the upper hand in obtaining an editorial job. She aspires to work with short fiction, novellas and poetry (her true writing love). In the long term, Rachel hopes to have her work published in The New Yorker and to travel the world.

In her perfect world, Rachel would become such a successful editor that she would be able to retire early and spend her days in darkly lit rooms, musing over writing and poetry with a vast array of writing friends. They would stay up all night and into the early morning and sleep away the day. On particularly ambitious days, she might even bake for them, the secret ingredient always being love! PSG greatly appreciates all of Rachel’s passion and knowledge, and we are very happy to have her on the team.