Over the past few years, superheroes have emerged as Hollywood’s victors. Between the Avengers series, Wonder Woman and the many incarnations of Spider-Man, the hype hasn’t faltered.

Here are some of PSG’s favorite heroes!

  • Annette’s favorite is Wonder Woman. She’s been waiting a long time for a female superhero, and believes the wait has been worth it. She loves how fierce, smart, inspiring and brave Wonder Woman is. You may even see Annette donning her Wonder Woman shirt—complete with a cape!
  • Although Tess isn’t a huge fan of superheroes, she also loved watching Wonder Woman over the summer. She too was happy to finally see a strong, independent female superhero.
  • Given her love of cats, it’s no surprise that Melina’s favorite is Catwoman. She loves how Catwoman is able to strike the perfect balance between heroism and villainy.
  • While Nora loves Black Widow and believes she’s exceptionally underrated, the members of the Incredibles are her favorite heroes. She thinks The Incredibles is one of Disney-Pixar’s best films, and is eager for the upcoming sequel.

My favorite superhero is Spider-Man. He’s awkward yet sweet, and proves what we all want to believe—that anyone can be a hero.

Image credit: Chester