Behind every great professional is a great source of caffeine. One of the reasons I work as a barista is for the endless supply of free coffee—I basically need it to survive. Most of the staff at PSG feel the same way, but all of us take our coffee a little differently.

  • Personally, I usually take mine black—hot or iced depending on the weather—and sometimes with a flavor.
  • Don also takes his coffee black—preferably cold brew—but he stays loyal to the iced option, even in the dead of winter.
  • Nora usually takes hers with cream and one of the many fun flavors from her favorite local cafe.
  • Tim prefers to drink homemade cold brew in the summer, but buys hot coffee with cream during the winter months.
  • Matthew has discovered his new favorite in Miami: coladas, which are Cuban coffees made with espresso and demerara sugar.
  • Tess is a self-proclaimed coffee addict and likes to try out different coffee shops. But her go-to order is a mocha iced coffee.
  • Lindsay is the tea drinker in the office, preferring fruity teas with honey.
  • Kate doesn’t like coffee or tea. Instead, her go-to is a hot chocolate with whipped cream!

Apart from a few exceptions, coffee drinkers dominate the office here at PSG!