Fall has arrived and there are new television shows starting up this season that some PSG staff members are very excited for, while others are returning with new seasons that are garnering just as much enthusiasm.

During this time of the year I always get ready for a new season of “American Horror Story,” but am also looking forward to “Bob’s Burgers”—I like to balance out the creepiness of one with the comedy of the other.

Here are what others at PSG are watching:

  • Kate is excited for the revival of “Will and Grace.” She has also been loving “The Good Place,” so her Thursday nights will be filled with great comedy!
  • Don prefers to binge-watch his shows, and is consumed with dramas like “The Walking Dead,” “Better Call Saul,” “Detectorists,” and “Game of Thrones.”
  • Bridget hasn’t been watching a lot of TV lately, but she really likes “Águila Roja,” which is a Spanish show similar to “Game of Thrones” and “Zorro.”
  • Tess is another staff member who is very excited for the return of “Will and Grace.” She also enjoys “This Is Us” and the British drama “The Crown.”
  • Annette is eagerly awaiting the final season of the hilarious sitcom “New Girl,” which is scheduled to be short, but guaranteed to be sweet.
  • Nora is making her way through the original “Will and Grace” so she can dive into the reboot. She is also excited about “Young Sheldon,” which is a spin-off of “The Big Bang Theory.”
  • Colleen is also enjoying the heartfelt series “This Is Us,” and is very excited for the return of the fantastic cast, especially Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown.

We at PSG have a range of taste in TV shows, but it seems like we will be tuning into some of the same shows this fall. So there will be plenty to chat about on breaks—but we’re always wary of spoilers!