Just across the Hudson, the Empire State Building shines as the star of the Manhattan skyline. Often lit with a classic white light, the Empire State Building is even more breathtaking at night. Every so often, however, the building can be seen sporting a wide variety of colors and images.

This past April, for example, Harper’s Bazaar used an LED light system to project 150 past covers of their magazine on the skyscraper. The covers rotated frequently, and each image was an astonishing 500 feet tall and 186 feet wide. Popular covers included Audrey Hepburn on the February 1954 issue as well as Beyoncé’s November 2011 issue.

Past notable lightings also include red, white and blue in celebration of Independence Day as well as violet and white to commemorate NYU’s 185th commencement ceremony.

The next special lighting is scheduled for August 7. The Empire State Building will appear in purple, honoring the brave men in women in our military who have received the Purple Heart.