Busy, busy, busy. That’s how my friends and family describe me so it wasn’t a big surprise when I announced that along with my business, dance classes, the gym, volunteer work and a handful of little projects, I was also going to learn to knit. And I did. I took my first class in November thinking that I would be able to make some holiday gifts as I progressed. Well, that did not happen. I sorely underestimated how long it would take to make my first scarf (it’s purple tweed) along with all of my other projects – not to mention starting additional knitting projects before I finished the first scarf!

I was finally settling into a nice, comfortable rhythm with needles clicking and the scarf growing longer when along came a shiny new Nintendo DS Lite. It was a Christmas gift. At first I was a little surprised to get one but as soon as I turned it on, the 80s gamer inside me was back in action. Back then I was all about Ms. Pac Man (yes, I was a high-scoring gamer geek) but now I’ve matured and moved on to collecting coins and 1-up mushrooms and squashing Goombas in Super Mario Bros.

Now I have two more passions — one new and one revived. I’m sure that several of you are knitters and crafters or gamers, or are married/related to one of us, so you’ll understand how I ended up knee-deep in three knitting projects at one time while trying to rack up an even higher score with my new friend Mario.

Where am I now? I am multi-tasking and finding room for both of my new crushes. The biggest challenge is, of course, deciding which pattern to follow and which yarn to dig out of my over-flowing “I’m sure I will use this yarn for something” basket while wondering if I am ever going to make it to the next course and rescue Princess Peach?