I am exactly where I should be. I just completed my MA in Publishing & Writing at Emerson College—a degree that thoroughly supplements my BA in Magazine Journalism from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh (SUNY Plattsburgh). During my undergrad years, I allowed my creativity to flourish, particularly in the areas of fashion, journalism and publishing. I completed an internship at the Press-Republican, the local newspaper in Plattsburgh, where I wrote front-page feature stories on events like the performance of country singer Justin Moore at the local fair and the importance of dental hygiene for the youth in the region.

After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in 2011, I went on to intern at WellWed and Vermont Vows, fashion magazines based in Burlington, Vermont. Next, I packed up and moved to the mecca of fashion—New York City. I secured an internship at Seventh House PR—a fashion PR agency representing established designers like Charlotte Ronson, which provided a great opportunity: to work at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Although living and working in NYC was a dream come true for this Trinidad native, my graduate school aspirations were too great, and I left NYC for Boston in 2012 to attend Emerson College, which led me to my internship at Publishing Solutions Group. While at PSG, I have tackled a side of publishing that is completely new to me—educational publishing. I applied for this internship because I love education, and I wanted to learn more about the system in the United States, to acquire new publishing skills and to strengthen the skills I gained in the classroom. Since January, PSG has afforded me the opportunity to assist on numerous projects, and I am proud to work in such a positive and driven environment.

And while I will always be an outspoken fashionista, I am confident that as a result of my time at PSG, I am ready to enter the publishing world with a greater scope of knowledge and expertise that leaves me ready to approach any challenge.

Little-Known Fact About Nick

I am the definition of personal style. However, I didn’t always think so. Throughout high school, I stifled any form of creativity that could be perceived as “abnormal” because, like any teenager, I wanted to fit in—or more accurately, I didn’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons.

Now, I can’t help it. From my blonde dreadlocks pinned up to look like I’m wearing a crown to my unexpected Trinidadian accent, I stand out, and I’ve never been happier. Another little-known fact: I’m obsessed with Hello Kitty.