I was raised by a writer mother and an accountant father, who equally encouraged me and my sister in both reading and math. Instead of becoming conglomerates of the two subjects, however, my sister developed into a mathematical genius, while I was gifted with a strong ability in writing. I’ve known from the young age of six that I take mostly after my mother. I still have hidden on a closet shelf the incredibly short and incomprehensible “novels” I wrote in elementary school about a group of girls who become spies and battle evil. (It’s complete coincidence the characters resemble me and my friends.)

My biggest dream is to one day become a published author. I’ve learned from my mother that being a published author usually comes with an asterisk—by which I mean that it can be very hard to work solely as a writer, simply because it often doesn’t bring in enough money to pay the bills. I’ve known from almost the time I decided that I wanted to be a writer that I would also need a contingency plan, a job that wouldn’t leave me fulfilling the oh-so-romantic broke author lifestyle.

When it came time to pick a college, I decided on Emerson College because of the Writing, Literature & Publishing program. I’d always been drawn to publishing; while I was never entirely sure what the industry entailed, I knew I could use many of the same skills I use in my writing, such as copyediting. As a sophomore, I haven’t yet had the ability to take many classes in my major, which makes me that much more grateful for the opportunity to intern at PSG. I’ve been able to get deep insight into the publishing world and all of the work that goes into a specific project. I’ve been able to develop useful skills, such as fact-checking and concise writing. More than anything, I’ve learned—even from my limited exposure—just how much I truly do enjoy copyediting.

This point in my life is the time for me to explore, take chances and play with all of the possibilities ahead of me. I don’t care if it sounds cheesy: I can’t wait for all of the opportunities to come.

Little Known Facts about Dakota

After years of rejecting her parents’ favorite pastime, Dakota gave into the lure of football and became a hearty Cleveland Browns fan (from her father’s side) and a New England Patriots fan (from her mother’s side). Her friends rarely watch a game with her, as football exposes the dirty-mouthed rage monster that is kept hidden beneath her quiet, well-read exterior. Not only does Dakota love to watch the sport, but she also loves reading about the politics of the NFL and the analyses of current events. As a result, she is not ruling out a potential career in sports journalism.