Over the past four years, I’ve spent a large amount of time in poetry workshops. At Emerson College, classes are usually no more than 30 people, and the writing workshops are even smaller. As a Writing, Literature & Publishing major with a focus in poetry, I took full advantage of the writer stereotype. At any given time, I more than likely had a large cup of black, unsweetened coffee in my possession. It didn’t take long for me to replace my contacts with thick-framed glasses and embrace this new place where I no longer had to struggle through math and science classes.

Being from Texas, I was enamored with the fast-paced rhythm and concentrated sprawl of the Greater Boston area, and was quick to call it my second home. Four years later, I’m still enamored, and have no plans of leaving just yet. One of the many qualities of Boston that led to my decision to stay is its thriving scene for publishing and literature.

If you’re a literary nerd like me, you’ll find that it’s nearly impossible to overlook the plethora of used bookstores in the area. The amount of books my shelves have accumulated is borderline obscene, and they serve as my own personal reservoir of both pride and shame. Apart from the bookstores, it’s no secret that Boston is a hub for publishers. A number of educational publishers, major and minor, have offices in Boston.

Granted, Boston’s lofty reputation for publishing can be pretty intimidating to a newcomer such as myself. As I made my way towards graduation, I began to feel overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities available. Where was I supposed to start? In keeping with the renowned adage, I knew that I would never know unless I tried. And now, well into the summer, I’m thankful that I did.

After being with PSG for a little over three months,, I’m certain that I’ve gained invaluable experience in publishing. I’ve had a chance to learn about audio file editing, code text with HTML and develop my editing skills through writing blog posts. I’ve gained a better understanding of educational publishing—a subject I previously had very limited knowledge of. Apart from learning, I’ve also developed a tremendous amount of respect for those who dedicate so much care and effort to the educational cause.

I wouldn’t trade my experiences in Boston for anything. Over the past four years, I’ve spent countless hours in used bookstores, hunched over essays, going to poetry readings and getting to know some truly extraordinary people. I’ve even been trick-or-treating in Beacon Hill (twice!). I can only imagine where this city will take me next.

Little-Known Facts About Claire

Every summer since infancy, Claire has picked blueberries in East Texas with family and friends. The daylong pilgrimage usually involves a stop in the small town of Edom for a slice of homemade chocolate pie.

After spending a semester abroad in France, Claire has vowed to learn as many foreign languages as she can. She hopes to one day master French so she can relocate to Paris and enjoy two-hour lunch breaks.