An Affinity for Infinity: Artist Yayoi Kusama’s Polka-Dot Masterpieces

By Samantha Perry|2018-11-02T13:54:59-04:00April 27th, 2017|

When I look up into the sky at night, when the stars are bright and the sky is a deep, dark blue, I wonder what it would feel like to float around in space. Luckily, I might get a chance to experience something pretty close thanks to artist Yayoi Kusama’s traveling exhibition. Kusama, one of Japan’s most successful modern artists, is famous for [...]

Optical Inclusion: Warhol Museum Gives More Than Visuals

By Sarah Rush|2018-11-02T13:31:58-04:00April 4th, 2017|

Imagine if every time you visited a museum, it was difficult or impossible to see the artwork in all its splendor. Imagine what it’s like for those who are blind or visually impaired. How can they have the opportunity to experience art? The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh is giving all visitors a chance to experience art in an innovative and unique way. [...]

A Redwood Grows in Brooklyn

By Samantha Perry|2018-11-02T13:28:05-04:00March 28th, 2017|

Across from the library in the playground where I once played is the first tree I ever successfully climbed. The bark at the base of the tree is stripped and smooth from countless amounts of children who have attempted to clamber up into the branches. I was only able to make it up a few branches, but I still felt like I was [...]

Frog Legs and Fish-Filled Footwear: Salvador Dalí’s Cookbook

By Samantha Perry|2018-11-02T12:49:35-04:00February 23rd, 2017|

Picture a perfect dinner party. All the best guests have been invited. The table is set, equipped with elaborate silverware, thick crystal tumblers and plates topped with napkins folded into elegant shapes. Guests recline in velvet chairs as they admire the spread. A platter of red crayfish sits in the center, arranged in a dome and sprinkled with dill, and beside that sits [...]

Google It: App Makes Art Accessible

By Amanda Gutierrez|2019-03-21T16:12:55-04:00February 2nd, 2017|

In high school, my class took a field trip to the Getty Center in Los Angeles. The opportunity let me experience the amazing collection of art nestled in southern California. Not everyone can get to the Getty—or to other museums throughout the world—but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the chance to see the amazing collections that are out there. Wouldn’t it be cool [...]

Can Art Withstand the Test of Time?

By Amanda Gutierrez|2018-11-02T11:47:54-04:00January 10th, 2017|

PENTAX Image This past summer, I spent a week cleaning my bedroom in preparation for graduation (and therefore, moving out), and I was dismayed to find that many of my old graphite sketches had faded and smudged over the years. In retrospect, I should have used a fixative spray or stored them in a safer place. Luckily, there are art conservationists [...]

Walking on Water: The Power of Art

By Abbrianna MacGregor|2018-11-02T11:38:48-04:00December 20th, 2016|

If you’ve visited an art museum, you are probably familiar with the feeling of silent awe and inspiration provoked by pieces that move you. If such remarkable emotions are elicited by viewing something, imagine the sensations attached to an interactive art installation that immerses you in its full experience. And imagine if this interactive work of art was placed in an exotic setting, [...]

New Art Installation is the Bee’s Knees

By Amanda Gutierrez|2018-11-02T11:27:09-04:00December 6th, 2016|

Imagine standing in a meadow. Grass shoots up from the ground around you, tickling your ankles. In every direction, flowers of brilliant reds, purples, blues, yellows and whites are sprinkled over a blanket of green. The flowers bow with grace as a light breeze passes you. You hear chirping birds, rustling leaves and a low buzz. This buzz is the sound of one [...]

Medieval Manuscripts Illuminate Boston

By Sarah Dolan|2018-11-02T11:20:06-04:00November 29th, 2016|

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is always quiet. Even mid-afternoon on a Saturday the crowd was hushed. I stood and looked through the glass at a six-hundred-year-old book. Lines and lines of meticulously hand-painted text covered the pages. I was struck by the sheer amount of work that went into what was before me—and I was only looking [...]

Sustainability and Art Merge in Philadelphia Residency Program

By Christian Gibbons|2018-11-01T16:00:05-04:00July 26th, 2016|

Where I come from in Millbrook, Alabama, people don’t recycle. The nearest recycling center is a 30-minute drive down the highway to Montgomery. But in Tacony, Philadelphia, the opposite is happening—recycling is being taken to an entirely new level. There, artists are showing what happens when trash is treasured at a recycling center called Revolution Recovery, one of the few recycling plants to allow [...]

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