In a few weeks I’ll be headed to San Diego, California. My sister is typically my travel buddy, but this will be my first trip without her.

I planned this trip a few months ago with one of my friends, and booking the trip was a lot easier than I anticipated. When we booked the trip we were able to bundle our flight, hotel and rental car all together.

I was very hesitant when I agreed to this trip. I am the mother of all worrywarts, second only to my own mother, and spent two weeks trying to decide if I wanted to go away or not. Did I want to spend the money? Would it be worth it? What areas should we stay away from? I had millions of questions that were all silenced with the mention of Disneyland.

Most of my vacations are usually to Walt Disney World in Florida. Although California has a lot to offer, I almost passed on the trip. Then my friend promised we could spend one day in Disneyland and I was immediately sold. She knows me all too well.

Other than Disneyland, we don’t have specific plans, but we have a general idea of what we’d like to do. We may go to the San Diego Zoo and possibly drive up to Hollywood.

I’ll be sure to give an update after my California adventure!

Image credit: Roman Eugeniusz