Ken Scherpelz

Ken Scherpelz

VP, Sales & Business Development
T: 614.760.8855
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Vice President of Sales and Business Development Ken Scherpelz knows the educational publishing industry inside and out. Since 1979, Ken has worked for leading publishing companies, including Scott Foresman, where he was an acquisitions manager; Zaner-Bloser, where he worked as a managing editor; and, most recently, McGraw-Hill/SRA, where he was the editorial director in charge of special education and intervention programs. Ken also has experience with educational development companies as vice president of two separate development and production houses.

Committed to and passionate about his work, Ken goes about life with a sense of humor that might just leave you in stitches. Typical of someone you’d find in publishing, he is a voracious reader, his favorites including The New Yorker and spy novels, which he saves for his frequent travels to and from clients.

From his many years in the publishing industry, Ken has learned to

  • listen carefully to and anticipate his clients’ needs;
  • offer creative solutions;
  • get to know many of his clients personally and professionally; and
  • begin and build relationships.

“Establishing a loyal client base is all about relationships,” says Ken. “I can truly empathize with the challenges that my clients face because it wasn’t long ago that I was sitting on that same side of the desk. As clients get to know me, they understand that I used to make the same types of decisions they are now making. That connection helps build the relationship.”

Proud father of “three great kids,” Ken and his wife, Martha, have been in the education business for more than 30 years. Before he entered the publishing field, Ken taught first, second and third graders; Martha works with gifted students in elementary school. The conversation around their house has often focused on their students and their own kids. “I’m proud of what I do,” says Ken the teacher, father, publisher and occasional golfer. “I’m happy knowing I contribute to the education of our kids.”

Favorite quote:

“Time flies like the wind; fruit flies like a banana.” —Groucho Marx