Annette Cinelli Trossello

Senior Editor & Project Manager

T: 617.274.9014

Annette celebrates 10 years with PSG.

Annette Cinelli Trossello joined PSG in early 2008 as a Copyeditor. Now, as Senior Editor and Project Manager, Annette has managed a wide variety of projects with a strong emphasis on assessment.

As PSG’s editorial lead, Annette spends her time ensuring that all content is appropriate, adheres to guidelines and aligns to all required standards. She also manages other editors and writers, makes sure projects are running smoothly and ensures that the client is happy. She has worked with numerous publishers including Scholastic, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, School Specialty and Cengage Learning.

Annette received her bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Writing and Mass Communications from Assumption College. Prior to working at PSG, Annette worked at Davis Publications, an educational art publisher, for three years.

Outside of the office, look for Annette at the library, park or museum with her chemistry-teacher husband, Andy, and their two kids, Gabriel and Amara. After they all go to bed (they need their sleep on school nights!), she loves to curl up with a book (Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife and Stephen King’s The Stand are her favorites), binge-watch her latest TV obsession and work on her screenplay.