Binge-watching TV shows has become a popular hobby and it had me wondering if the same could be done with books. Not just reading one book after another, but reading books written by the same author.

I have been reading a lot of work by Stephen King recently. This is partly due to taking a course about him for school, but also because he has such an imaginative mind and has written so many books. I read his memoir, On Writing, over the summer and that sparked major interest in his novels.

A pro of binge-reading authors is getting great insight into their writing habits and common themes used throughout their stories. Another pro is seeing if they take risks and expand out of their go-to genres. King is known for his horror novels, but he dabbles in science fiction and mystery as well. The latter could be seen as a con as well because many authors stick to one genre, so you limit yourself as a reader. Another con is missing out on the creativity and writing styles other authors have to offer, and after reading On Writing, King has made it clear that writers have endless possibilities with their work.

Cons aside, so far I’ve really enjoyed binge-reading King—I definitely recommend it to any fan!