When you ask non-readers why they don’t like to read, you can get a variety of answers. Maybe they can’t find anything interesting to read. Or maybe they do have something to read, but they just can’t find the right spot to read. Well, I’m here to solve this problem! Here are some suggestions for convenient places to open a book:


  • Make it comfortable! Find a quiet spot and bring a blanket or towel to lie on (unless you prefer the feel of the grass).
  • Birds chirping + the smell of grass = a relaxing reading experience

Public Transportation

  • Reading on your commute will stimulate your brain so you’ll feel less sluggish when you arrive at work or school.
  • Physical Book Bonus: Your phone battery won’t die because you’re reading a book and not your Twitter feed!

The Kitchen Table

  • Newspapers and breakfast go hand-in-hand, so why not swap the paper for a book and adopt the habit of reading while eating?
  • You can stimulate your mind while practicing more mindful eating—you’ll have to slow down to turn the pages!

Finding the perfect spot to read can be tricky—maybe there’s too much noise or maybe the lighting isn’t bright enough. But hopefully this list can help you find your perfect reading nook!