Although solid, accurate content continues to be at the core of successful instructional programs, the means by which content is delivered to students and teachers has taken on a variety of forms that have gone way beyond traditional print products.

Here are some of the “non-print” projects we’ve been involved in lately at Publishing Solutions Group:

  • PSG prepared Spanish translation and audio recordings for online math dictionaries.
  • PSG prepared Spanish translation, audio recordings, and electronic text highlighting for an online reading fluency program.
  • PSG audited math assessment item banks for accuracy and validity. Our staff created a rubric scale and template for evaluation and reporting, reviewed the client user-failure reports, and corrected data errors to reduce online customer complaint ratios.
  • PSG authored math and language arts test items and distractor rationales aligned to Grades 3-12 state performance indicators into a field-defined template within the client’s information architecture. The templates were imported to a database used by customers to create, administer, score, and report assessments, and PSG compared the item templates and alignments against the imported content online to verify that they matched.
  • PSG created online, state-specific high school social studies lesson plans that aligned the client’s products and specific lesson plans with state standards.
  • PSG prepared Spanish translations for online science and math simulations, then reviewed all the content in the final online environment.

And while we were doing all that, we continued to create content for good old-fashioned phonics workbooks, several AP textbooks, some adult basic education products, and we even snuck in a fact check.

To say that PSG is a content company is only part of the story. Find out the rest of the story by contacting PSG.