by Erin Sherry, Spring 2018 Intern

As a reader, writer and self-proclaimed foodie, some of my favorite moments in literature are when an author makes my mouth water with vivid descriptions of a character’s meal. From Heidi’s fire-roasted cheese on toast to Edmund’s Turkish Delight in The Chronicles of Narnia, the books I love most tend to be packed with decadent details that ignite my cravings.

In the fourteen years since I first opened a J.K. Rowling novel, I have attended and hosted more Harry Potter themed events than I can count. From book release parties to movie premiers, I’ve become quite seasoned in the art of crafting muggle versions of the wizarding world’s tastiest treats. No matter how many different recipes I come up with, these Butterbeer cupcakes always seem to catch the snitch and steal the show!

The magic behind them is simple: start with your favorite recipe for vanilla cake batter, but stir in a cup of butterscotch pudding, a splash of cream soda, and a generous sprinkling of butterscotch chips. For the frosting, combine more butterscotch pudding and another swish-and-flick of cream soda with your favorite buttercream frosting base, and you’ll have a bewitching baked good faster than you can apparate to Hogsmeade!

So…maybe your kitchen isn’t Honeydukes, but with these Potter-inspired treats, magic isn’t hard to conjure!

Image credit: Elin Schönfelder