After a busy day at the office, it can be nice to unwind with something sweet. At PSG, we all have different ways of treating ourselves. Here are some of the staff’s favorite desserts.

  • Katy enjoys lemon squares and homemade banana “ice cream” (which is actually just blended, frozen bananas!).
  • Matthew is more into appetizers and entrees, but has a long-held love for zabaglione—a light, whipped treat made with sugar, egg yolks and wine.
  • Sarah makes s’mores in the summer, with golden-brown marshmallows and half-melted chocolate inside a graham cracker. Her treat isn’t complete without the smell of the campfire.
  • Don is a chocolate fan, but would usually turn down dessert in favor of a second helping of his meal!
  • Karla loves cheesecake, but it must have a classic cheesecake crust—no New York style for her. She’ll top it with strawberries or other kinds of fruit. Cheesecake ice cream also has a special place in her heart.
  • Tess likes cheesecake too—it’s one of her many favorites! She also enjoys homemade jellyrolls, strawberry shortcake (especially in the summer) and anything chocolate.
  • Alyssa doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth, but sometimes she’ll indulge in a homemade cannoli.
  • Colleen’s favorite dessert is a local specialty called “Chocolate Decadence.” It’s a bit hard to describe—something like half-cooked brownie batter and half-baked cookie dough, all topped with homemade whipped cream. Yum!

I’m more of a savory type, but I have a habit of pouring myself a tall glass of chocolate milk before bed. It’s just the right amount of sweet to end my day. And as the summer winds down and the temperature drops, I might start turning to hot chocolate!

Image credit: Max Pixels