Learning Management Systems (LMS) are making their way into the K-12 space. It has been a long journey, but learning management systems are now gaining popularity in K-12 schools around the country. These systems were originally created for virtual learning. However, their popularity has transformed them into a tool to create a blended learning solution for the classroom for all ages of students. Teachers use LMS to do many things, including upload content, communicate with students, assess learning, and manage grades/attendance. There are a variety of systems from which to choose, and many states are adopting LMS platforms to run on state servers so that all schools can take advantage of the technology.

Check out Calcasieu Parish Public Schools and their implementation of an LMS at http://blackboard.cpsb.org/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp. Publishers and development houses are now creating cartridges for various states as they request content for these platforms.

PSG has the technology resources to prepare content for these systems. If your publishing plans call for an LMS component, give us a call and we can help build the cartridge for you.