E-School News recently reported how schools in New Orleans are coming back in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Not only are the school buildings new, but the technology and means of teaching and learning are new. Working closely with California-based technology company Cisco Systems, administrators and teachers are creating what’s called “Education 3.0 .” Where Education 1.0 was the traditional method of teachers lecturing students, the 2.0 version brought technology into the classroom as an additional tool, like a chalkboard or filing cabinet. Now Education 3.0 is emerging as way to seamlessly integrate technology with lesson plans, instruction, student research, and presentation that will help to motivate students in their learning.

It’s wonderful to hear more good news coming from a city and region that is still recovering from the devastating storm. Kudos to the school administrators, teachers, and city leaders who saw this recovery effort as an opportunity to create a 21st-Century educational environment for its students.