I love looking at different Bookstagrams (Instagram accounts centered around books) in my free time. There are so many different styles and perspectives: monochromatic or vibrant color schemes, book reviews, jam-packed bookshelves, aesthetically pleasing book combinations, themes like coffee or fashion—the possibilities are endless. Below are some of my favorite accounts:

  • @Theguywiththebook was awarded “Bookstagrammer of the Year” for 2018 by the London Book Fair. This account has a more personal touch because the owner often posts about his life and adventures with his sister (who also has a Bookstagram with a similar style, @sumaiyya.books).
  • @Bookbaristas focuses on coffee beverages along with new book releases. This is a verified account, so you can also expect to find lots of book giveaways!
  • @Booklover_pullover turned her passion for reading into inspiration for another hobby and creates beautiful knitwear for fellow booklovers. Her posts vary between simplistic photos of books and her own handmade products.
  • @Readingnemo has a clear color scheme that will make you feel warm and cozy. The photos are busier than those on the other accounts, but they all compliment each other nicely and create a cohesive visual.

The world of Bookstagrams is vast and inviting. It has even inspired me to create my own account. I love posting new photos to share with other book lovers!