PSG offers professional audio recording, editing, production, post-production, and engineering services for all your voice-over, dubbing, captioning or interactive components. With professional voice talent, scriptwriters, and audio engineers at the ready, we have the resources, personnel, and expertise to professionally write, record, produce, edit, and mix your audio content.

What can PSG boast as your audio production partner?

  • Experienced audio engineers and producers
  • Professional voice talent, including bilingual artists
  • Professional script writing and highlighting
  • Quality review and remediation resources
  • Flexible session scheduling
  • Multilingual translation specialists
  • Multiple digital delivery system

Spanish-Language Market Focus Expanding your presence in the Spanish-language marketplace goes beyond the printed page.

Dynamic content, including audio, is in demand in today’s interactive world. Are you producing audio projects with native-speaking voice talent and taking advantage of the explosive growth in demand for Spanish-language content? Whether you have existing Spanish that you’d like to re-purpose or want to translate print, Web, or interactive components to produce new Spanish assets, PSG has the resources and expertise to help you to produce and deliver your localized content. Give PSG a call today. We’re here to help.