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Guest Blogger

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To provide a greater variety for our readers, PSG’s blog will sometimes include a post by a guest blogger. These authors have a wide range of backgrounds and relationships with the PSG staff, from fellow editors and professionals in the field to students, teachers, spouses and friends. We bring in each voice to provide a fresh look at the industry and current events as well as any unique perspective we feel the guest blogger may bring to the table. The goal of the PSG blog has always been to provide our readers with captivating content presented in the best way possible, and we believe our guest bloggers have a vital role in reaching that goal.

Some of our guest bloggers have included:

Martha Scherpelz, Gifted Intervention Specialist, Dublin (Ohio) City Schools
Abby Murphy, Senior at Wakefield Memorial High School
Andy Trossello, Science Teacher at Waltham High School

Some of our guest interviewees have included:

Kim Guzowski, Co-Founder of Technical Artisans Collective, Educational Consultant & Executive Director
Rachael Barron, Science Teacher at Wakefield Memorial High School
Brittany Peters, Occupational Therapy Student (MSOTS) at the University of New England
David Rigby, PhD, Author and Professor, Winner of the John Lyman Book Award in US Naval History, 2012
Renée Combs, Co-Founder of Boston Teen Author Festival
Jill Skwerski, Community Engagement Librarian at the Evanston Public Library (EPL) in Illinois