Chelsea Wilson

Chelsea Wilson

Editorial Assistant
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Chelsea Wilson initially joined PSG as a first-year graduate student in the Publishing and Writing program at Emerson College. She received her undergraduate degree in English literature and psychology from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, just across the river from Fargo, North Dakota (yes, the Fargo from the movie and TV show). After graduating from Concordia, Chelsea spent nearly three years working in a psychiatric hospital, where she learned sometimes the best thing you can do is just listen.

Having always wanted to work with words in some way (aside from the occasional childhood desire to be a princess or a rodeo queen), working at PSG is an exciting opportunity for Chelsea to experience the real world of publishing. Ultimately, Chelsea hopes to work as a fiction editor at a publishing house, although she knows that could change as she is introduced to more aspects of the publishing industry.

Chelsea has a great love of hockey, which she blames on the fact that Bill Baker, one of the players from the 1980 US Olympic hockey team, graduated from her high school. She is looking forward to seeing the Boston Pride play in the first year of the National Women’s Hockey League.

When Chelsea isn’t impatiently awaiting the arrival of the next hockey season, she can be found in bookstores looking for the latest Brandon Sanderson novel or writing in coffee shops, waiting for the release of the next Brandon Sanderson novel. Chelsea has an eclectic taste in books, including everything from Gone with the Wind to Pierce Brown’s Red Rising. One of her favorite things to do is find classics of any genre in used bookstores to add to her pile of unread books.

While at Concordia, Chelsea had the opportunity to be part of a student-run intercultural publication from its creation, moving into the role of editor-in-chief in her final year. Between graduating college and moving to Boston, she worked for a year as an editorial assistant for a casino industry trade publication, where she learned the importance of deadlines. Chelsea’s ability to complete time-sensitive projects combined with her warm, eager personality make her a great fit for the PSG team.