Production Solutions

From layout to final product, PSG's production team knows how to put all of the pieces of your project together.

Widows feeling lonely? Orphans need a home? We’ve got you covered. We know our kerning from our tracking, our points from our picas, and to watch out for those bleeds.

Our years of experience with layout, proofs and preflight come together to create perfect pages for your project. And we’ve got the PDFs to prove it. We will follow your specifications to produce page layouts that are high quality, cost effective and meet your deadlines.

  • Template creation and adaptation
  • Page layout
  • Typesetting/composition
  • Alternate language composition
  • Collaboration with art & design department to create art to client specifications
  • Electronic Tagging
  • Content conversion for repurposing

Our composition team knows the formats, fonts and special characters needed to work in both English and alternate language programs. Math and Spanish are our specialties. Our success is built on superior customer service, attention to detail and finding the right solutions for every client, project, market and budget.

We asked our clients what they like most about our production team. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Fast and affordable
  • Consistent, accurate formatting
  • Experienced, knowledgeable staff
  • Flexible and convenient

Remember, our skills are not limited to just English pages. If you need help translating a product for a new market, PSG’s localization and alternate language DTP services are the perfect solution!

Would you like more information on our production services? Are you ready for a quote? Contact our sales team today.