Katy Rosen

Read Like PSG: Our Reading Habits

Katy Rosen

When I delve into a book, I like to read every chapter name before I start in. I always like to have some idea of what I’m getting into. This is a practice I sort of fell into, though I never realized the other PSG staff members might also have curious reading habits they’ve fallen into!
Alyssa’s main habit, which she gets a lot of flack about, is to read the last few pages or the final chapter of a book. She likes to make sure the main character meets a happy end before investing her time.
Matthew reads the summary on the jacket or the back cover, then flips to random pages to determine if the style and content is engaging. He is also using Audible more now these days, so he can listen and multitask.
Eileen will go months without reading, pick up a book, and finish it in a single sitting!
Rachel will often get so caught up in characters’ conversations that she’ll skim and only read dialogue. She wishes she could get out of this habit, but she always makes sure she goes back and reads what she skipped.
Sarah always starts with the “About the Author” section to determine who is pulling the strings of her book.
Colleen avoids spoilers at all costs, meaning she never looks at chapter titles ahead of time, and even goes so far as to put her hand over upcoming text on a page, in fear of spoiling something even seconds too soon. 
•If Karla gets into a good mystery novel where the anticipation is killing her, she’ll flip to the end and read the last sentence. Most of the time, it doesn’t make sense, but she enjoys having some knowledge of the ending.

The PSG staff clearly have a love for all things literary, but the ways in which we express that love differ quite a bit!

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