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PSG Internship Testimonials

At PSG, we understand the value of a great internship. Our interns become part of a team that respects them and their ideas and helps them gain valuable professional experience. We are truly a work-hard, play-hard cooperative community here at PSG, and it is no different for our interns.

Each semester, we ask our interns to suggest feedback for strengthening the internship program, and use their ideas to craft a better semester. Reflections from our interns’ experiences are below.


image“PSG places a high priority on teaching the interns about the educational publishing industry, from Ken-tinuing Education talks to constant check-ins to ask if we feel we are learning from our experience and achieving our goals. I am extremely grateful to PSG for giving me my first opportunity to work in publishing, and can only hope whatever company I work at next will be able to meet the high bar PSG has set.”
Tanya Seamans, Summer 2015
Providence College, BA English, BA Psychology, 2014

image“I feel like I’ve gotten a well-rounded crash-course in publishing. I think that it’s also been equally beneficial for me to learn what it feels like to operate in an office setting, which I hadn’t been exposed to beforehand. I’m grateful that I had the chance to learn here; I think PSG has done a fantastic job getting me ready to take the next step in my career path.”
David Fox, Summer 2015
Emerson College, BA Writing, Literature & Publishing, 2015

image“I was never bored in this dynamic workplace, and often jumped between multiple projects and tasks. The people who work here are immensely knowledgeable about educational publishing, and many of them have been working in it long enough to be able to explain its history and trends.”
Reena Karasin, Summer 2015
Tufts University, BA English, 2017

image“It has been refreshing to spend time in an office where everyone gets along, talks, has fun, but also works hard. PSG puts an emphasis on teaching their interns, which is unlike what I have heard about other internships. Publishing Solutions Group is an amazing internship for those interested in learning not only the mechanics of publishing but also all the extras that are required to work as a team, connect with clients and produce a great finished product.”
Lauren Cepero, Summer 2015
Stetson University, BA English, 2014

image“When I interviewed with Lori I realized very quickly how different the internship at PSG was. When we discussed the internship program she spoke very confidently about it and I said to myself, ‘This is where I want to be.’ At PSG I knew I wasn’t going to be a forgotten graduate student who knew how to build Excel documents; instead, I would leave the internship with skills that I could bring into the professional world.”
Annemarie Tompsen, Spring 2015
Emerson College, MA Publishing & Writing, 2016

image“In some of my previous internships, I was used to feeling like the lowly intern, having mundane projects foisted upon me. But that concern is certainly not the case at PSG. Not only did I work on live projects and assist with fact-checking for real in-house work, I also honed the skills I already had, as well as learned some new ones!”
Shalen Lowell, Spring 2015
Stonehill College, BA English Literature, 2014

image“I believe a large reason why I even have a job writing and editing content is because of my experience here. If you seize the opportunity and follow your interest and curiosity, you won’t be disappointed. You might even find yourself reading the blog long after you’ve left. I know I still do!”
Dan Plonowski, Summer 2014
Fitchburg State University, BS, English, 2014

image“When I updated my resume after leaving PSG almost two years ago, I was actually taken aback when I realized what a huge variety of skills I’d learned there. As an intern, you’ll get so much insight into every facet of educational publishing.”
Karen Parkman, Spring 2012
Emerson College, BFA Writing, Literature & Publishing, 2012

image“Working with the project managers and copyeditors on their projects gave me the confidence and practice I needed to work towards a career in publishing. I am now in the process of completing my Master’s Degree in Publishing & Writing at Emerson College. I would definitely recommend the internship to anyone who is looking for a challenge. It is a great way to practice your skills and get to network with some great people!”
Liz Canon, Spring 2014
Wheelock College, BA Literature, 2013

image“One of the aspects that really drew me to PSG was the fact that they genuinely care about their interns and want to help them learn and grow. It was nice to be able to put my skills to good use and discover what I like doing best in publishing with the guidance of someone who wanted me to succeed.”
Olivia Billbrough, Spring 2014
Emerson College, BFA Writing, Literature & Publishing, 2012

image“If this is your first internship, then it’s a great way to learn about the multiple facets of publishing. Enjoy your time there, learn as much as you can, and never be afraid to ask for help!”
Jorge Cortes, Fall 2011
Emerson College, BA Writing, Literature & Publishing, 2012

image“The skills I gained at PSG are ones that I’m still proud to mention in interviews, because they’re skills that I’ll use the rest of my life. Never underestimate the power of good organization, flexibility, and professionalism—I don’t doubt there will come a day when you’ll be surprised at how these traits can impress future employers. ”
Catherine Martin, Spring 2013
Emerson College, MA Writing, Literature & Publishing, 2014

image“The big thing that I appreciated about PSG was how inclusive they were. Not only did everyone respect and treat me as a human being (and not just a dispensable intern), they actively tried to get me involved in the running of the business.”
Grant Bradley, Summer 2013
Emerson College, MA Publishing & Writing, 2013

image“You work on real projects doing real work. Everything you do as an intern is important and meaningful to PSG—I never felt like I was doing busy work.”
Hayley Gundlach, Summer 2013
Emerson College, BA Writing, Literature & Publishing, 2016

image“Fresh out of college, PSG has had a strong placement on my resume. It helped me to secure further internships and was a talking point at my various job interviews, including the job I have now. I sharpened many of my skills there, including ones I use daily on the job, like proofreading and quality control. I learned how to maneuver through databases and input content into online management systems.”
Alexa Zahares, Spring 2012
Emerson College, BA Writing, Literature & Publishing, 2013

image“Everyone at PSG truly does live by the ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra, and they include interns in all the work and fun—some of my favorite moments were during our shared lunches, when everyone would get together to eat and joke about current events, pop culture, publishing and Jeopardy.”
Rachel Hill, Fall 2013
Emerson College, BFA Writing, Literature & Publishing, 2014

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