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Spokesperson for StickK to it! Business Challenge

If you happened to catch the news or a radio show back in 2010 on January 20th, you may have heard Publishing Solutions Group’s Founder and CEO Lori Becker touting Staples and’s StickK to It! Business Challenge. Lori was chosen by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City and Staples to act as a spokesperson. The program was created to make it easy for small businesses to set, track and achieve professional goals. The StickK to it! Business Challenge uses incentives and accountability to help individuals meet these goals.

As Lori explains, here at PSG “we’re each other’s cheerleaders for outside activities, so why not apply the same mentality at work? With StickK to It!, we have a way to set goals and schedules, while designating external referees. We’re much more likely to achieve the goal, which ultimately helps both the employee and the business.” Several PSG staff members signed up for the challenge, and others acted as their referees, verifying that the goals (whether it’s neatening the office, going green or taking a class) were indeed being worked on. To sign up for the challenge, visit