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Green Initiative

It Is Easy Being Green!

Publishing Solutions Group has gone green. We recognize the importance of the environment and want to do our part to help take care of the earth. One of the biggest things we’ve done is implementing a recycling program. There are special containers throughout the office for paper, plastic and cardboard. We also recycle old cell phones, computers, electronics and toner cartridges. Employees are able to bring in their own electronics to recycle in addition to those used by the company!

We have also reduced our carbon footprint by installing programmable thermostats. PSG uses natural light whenever possible. We also have stopped using paper plates and plastic utensils in favor of real plates and silverware. There is a water filter on the sink in our kitchen, which reduces bottled-water waste. PSG encourages all employees to mark changes on screen in Microsoft Word or Adobe to avoid printing out the pages. We also send out e-marketing materials to reduce the amount of paper mailings we send out. Many of our employees commute via public transportation.

Here are some ideas to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • TAKE THE T—Take advantage of Boston’s easy-to-navigate public transit. MBTA has a great website that can help you get where you need to go. You can choose the fastest route, the route with the least amount of transfers, or the route with the least amount of walking time.
  • WALK—Walking is a great start to any day; it wakes up your body & puts you in a state of focus and relaxation
  • EAT LOCALLY—Good for you and the environment. It’s fresher and it takes less fuel to get to your table
  • GET A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE—Sure, water’s great for you, but if you’re getting your recommended eight glasses a day via disposable bottles, you’ve got a lot of wasted plastic on your hands (and your conscience). Pony up the 15 bucks for a reusable water bottle, and you’ll save money in the long run, not to mention the environment.
  • WASH WITH COLD WATER—Your clothes, that is. Heating water takes a lot of energy, so if you’re not getting stains out, clean with cold. Many companies are now making detergents especially for cold water washing. Bonus: you can mix your colors in a cold water cycle.